Orange light!

OMG when I saw this I first thought: I could never have this kind of office because when I work I’m a mess and I need a lot of space to see my files etc but I also love to clean up and work on a tidy desk.
I love how modern and old pieces are mixed here! It’s very simple and the pieces of this office are all functional and decorative at the same time which is clever to do if you want to create a good work atmosphere: you need space to be able to have all you need at hand + work in a good/positive place where you feel comfortable!

I I had to recreate this kind of office I would go for all the cactus lol but mostly for the baroque (simple) miror, the orange chair and the white one too. I’m not a lover of statues etc I admit that this scare me a bit and it’s looking so « alive » ah ah! so I’m not going for it…

Here is a selection for this office decor:

I love love love this chair! It’s sophisticated, elegant and modern with an « old » vibe too, just pefectly what’s needed for this decor. I found it here on

I also found an other beautiful chair with a very modern style but I think it could match our decor:

You can find it here on
I had a severe crush on this miror from :
link here.
What do you think about these?

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