New office, new life?

This home decor is…. ALL I want as a office!
I’m not a big fan of glass tables but this one is so well chosen and the rest of the decor is helping a lot too! What about the colorful wall painting, the plant, the lamp, the chandelier, the white blanket on the chair and there’s nothing more to add?!
If I had to recreate this I would go for  a similar glass table, a coloful wall painting with a lot of pastel colors and of course a big and beautiful plant on my desk! I’m not sure about the blue wall since I love to have a lot of light in a room.
I find a better desk in my opinion (ah ah yes, I said better!), well a table desk that look more like a « office » table:
This desk is from and you can find it here.
I aslo love this one from Burkedecor (here) :
I like the fact that there’s shelves on each side so that you can organize your office clearly and have  everything on the desk table. I really like to have space on my desk table because I’m a post-it addict and I need space for them lol.
What do you think about this decor? Would you feel comfortable working in such a office?
Let me know!

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