Navy and Baroque !

Oh my god! How luxurious and great is this home decor looking?
I could not live with this kind of home decoration to be honest because I love warm colors like orange, brown or yellow and I need a lot of light maybe because I used to live in a big house full of light and pastel colors? Anyway! I thought it would be a good thing to share an original decor (at least in my opinion). What do you think about this baroque trend? Is the full navy trend something you would go for? 
If you want to recreate this decor here are the masterpiece of this decor :
A smaller version of the blue desk from Cdiscount, here.
For the light I would go for something simple and less sophisticated than the decor’s lamps :

here on
Also the big miror is THE central piece of the desk decoration: 
I think this mirror is just pefect if you want to do something similar without being « too much »!
You can find it here on
What do you think about this?
Let me know!

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