Many shades of blue!

Hiii! I hope you’re doing well because I’ve been far from the blog these days! I need to update so many posts that I put on instagram but that I wanted to share in details with you on the blog. Things are changing professionally for me these days (not in a good way lol) so I was a bit fed up these last weeks 🙁 which explains my silence (I’m saying it like if I was the CEO of a big society and had to justify a terrible news 😂). 
Anyway let’s try to recreate this beautiful blue home decor that I found on pinterest (yes, I’m a huge fan of pinterest, if you want to follow me here is my page, here) : 
Of course the master piece of this beautiful decor is the berber rug that you can find here (from Monshowroom):

The scandinavian glass table is also bringing a lot of charm to the living room but I’m not a big fan of long tables so I pick this one from Technebshop (here): 
I also had an eye for the white wall decor on the right. I was searching for something similar but I did not find anything satisfying until I found a diy to create an african juju hat on that you can see here :

Let me know what you think about this home decor! 

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