Lady boss!

Isn’t this picture making you feel bossy? Well If I had this kind of painting (of myself) at home I would feel like a real real real boss lady lol At least it’s not my living room and I think I’ll feel a bit egocentric too lool  Anyway I love how this small library is taking place in a little improvised living room. Clearly the paiting is bringing a lot of spirit and even if the furniture is not very modern it’s still very actual and original!

If you want to recreate this kind of home decor you’ll need to keep in mind that symmetry is the key!
You’ll need first to invest in 2 cute and small individual chair like these:

This chair is from crownfrenchfurniture (here) or this one from Houseofisabella (here) :
Of course the price is not given and it’s a real investment… so if you are looking for a similar but chearper version you can take a look at walmart’s furniture which is not so bad! Ithink this one could be very nice and is still « classic » as the design that we are looking for:

On each sofa you’ll need to put a small pillow (just for decoration!), I think a yellow touch could be nicely matching a grey sofa, but if you choose to go for a beige sofa I’d recommand a white simple pillow.

This beautiful yellow pillow could easily match with a grey couch (here)
or this one (here) for a modern style.
You’ll also need a huge baroque mirror like this one from Anthropologie:
I have to admit that I’m in love with this mirror!
Now you have most of the furniture need to realize a similar decoration. Of course you’ll need to have a lot lot lot of books and greens to bring a bit of life!
Let me know what you think about this decor… also do you feel the portrait? 

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