Diva room

Hi there!
I wanted to share with you this beautiful home decor today!
I never thought I would love a black wall for a living room but this one made me change my mind! Also it’s just the main wall who’s half black so… I love how minimalist the decoration is. The glamouros touch is the gorgeous diva portrait and the very chic chandelier and gold is reminded with a very simple lamp.

If you want to recreate this simple and chic decor here is what you need:

A gorgeous diva on the wall and I think that Billie Holiday or Sade could be perfect there:

Then you’ll need a great baroque golden frame and I have many options depending on your budget! 
The first one is from Luminalpark.fr and is a round frame that could match perfectly for a portrait :
(link here)
If you want a very similar frame you can go for this one :
This frame is from Amazon, you can find it here.

The second master piece of this home decor is the classic chandelier. I would go for a simple one since it’s already a baroque style (so a lot of details by definition) and the goal is not to get an over done decor.

I found a soft chandelier on Keria.com and I think it’s what I could go for :

Also, I would stay in a minimalist style for the floor lamp and go for one like this:
This lamp is from saltandpepper (here)

The last thing I’ll go for is the white (huge) cosy rug and theses white/grey blankets. I’d hesitate between two rugs if I had to style my home like this, and I’ll go for these:

This rug is from Wayfair (here), very similar to the picture and yes very very simple with no patterns!
The second one is very simple too but has grey berber style also from Wayfair (here)

Let me know what you think about this!?

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