Grey simplicity!

I found this beautiful and soft home decor last day and since the decoration is really simple and kinda « bohemian chic » I thought I could find easily many pieces of this decor to share with you guys…. but well I was a bit too much optimistic lol. I finally found pieces that are really similar to this home decoration. As you can see on the picture the plants are bringing everything here, the cartpet is a nice berber carpet that is matching footstools, the couch is smartly choosen in a light grey shade to remind the color of the painting and the plant’s vases. This kind of home design makes me feel like a nice and chic home decor do not need too much pieces or expensive things to look great, chic and luxurious.

If you want to go for a similar decoration, I recommand you to buy a berber rug on etsy! You can find many options and there’s not intermediate seller so even if the price is not given you can really find authentic rugs like this one (here):
If you only want to have this style but can not invest into this kind of rug, you can go for a cheaper version, here.
Also, addind footstools will bring more authenticity and style to the living room:

  Both of theses rugs are from Etsy (here and here).
For the marble painting, I recommand you to do it yourself! First because it can be really easy, and second it’s really cheap! And yes, you can only feel proud of yourself when you take a look at what you did while you’re chilling home on the couch lol  I find this simple tutorial (here) on and I think that it’s showing easily how to proceed (relax you do not need to be an artist or a design expert!)

I hope you’ll enjoy my suggestions and selections!
Let me know!

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