Grey and orange?

I hope you’re doing well since two days of absence?
I have a new home decor to share with you!!! It’s a very simple, chic and cosy home decoration which combine grey and a kind of orange – copper color. It’s very original and easy to recreate. Also the original pieces are not that expensive and are really adding style and personnality to your home. The copper trend is also helping to bring a lot of warm and coziness to your living room! 

Here are similar pieces that you can add to your living room if you want to recreate this home decoration:

This is the hexagonal mirror from Ikea, it’s coming in 5 copper pieces and 5 of silver from Ikea (here) but you can find a cheaper version from aliexpress (12pieces for each color, here).

The mirrors are also nicely « highlighted » thanks to the plant’s suspensions.The cheapest I found is from Maison du monde (well for once they have something cheap…omg!) that you can find here :

Let me know what you think about this design? Is it something you could go for? 

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