Black chair?

Hey! Today’s home decor is really original and super chic! It’s nots a usual home decor with a lot of white/pastel decoration but I’m seriously loving this! I think the dark blue/black couch, the pink pillows and chairs are bringing everything here! Also the wall portraits are fulfilling the home decor with a cute touch!

I picked my favorite pieces from this decor and I found similar pieces if you want to recreate this home decor:

This amazing dark blue couch is from Delamaison, here.

I unfortunatly did not find a closer design for the chairs but I think that this one could be matching very well with this kind of decor? What do you think? The chair is from, here.

This pink pillow is from Hema, you can also add a pillow or a small rug on each chair to bring more life to the decoration and make a reminder(here).

So I was searching for a very similar portrait than the first one on the wall then I decided to search for the exact one and I wrote « portrait cirkel kaffe » on google and the first link was about the woman’s portait. When I clicked on it and read the description I was like…seriously? So it’s a racist portrait (not just a simple portrait) that is still used nowadays to sell coffee? Apparently yes… If you guys know more about this, could you please share this portrait story because the few things I read were not very clear about this woman’s portrait? Also this is apparently a danish brand.
This honestly remember me the french story with Banania and their famous (racist) slogan (Y’a bon banania) with the caricature of a black man (at least how occident sees the black man at this time).
I did not find the two other portraits but if you know their stories feel free to share, it’s always good to learn history!

Anyway, if you want to have a wall decoration you can get amazing and positive portraits of famous people that were highly appreciated :

This one is from Salvador Dali, I love the colors and the simple painting! (here).

This one is from Nelson Mandela (I just love everything about this portrait and mostly Nelson Mandela state of mind!), you can find it here.

The last one is about Frida Kahlo, from Laredoute (here).
I hope you enjoy these portraits and of course the decor inspiration, let me know if some pieces seduce you? Have a nice weekend mouahh 

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