Wood and books!

I am C R A Z Y about this simple and SO effortlessly chic home decor! All I want when I see this picture on my laptop is to pass through my screen, sit on the beautiful chair with a cappucino and get a book from the gorgeous library. The only thing that scares me is this deer head on the wall because it’s looking real (I hope it’s not…poor animal)!

This decor is finally very simple if you look closer: This is a huge white room with few decoration and the great touch of it is the exotic carpet with the beautiful chair with a laid white blanket and I think that the wood is nicely decorating the room.

If you want to steal the style of this room you can look for a nice berber carpet (first one from LaRedoute here and the seond one is from Selency here) :

 To complete this exotic-bohemian chic style you can add a nice rotin chair :

 This one is from Cdiscount and you can find it here
And of course feel free to add a cute white blanket to bring chicness and a cosy style :
This faux rug is from Ikea (this is the cheapest that I found!, here). 
The last element to fake this impression of being in this home decor is this book from Charley Harper:
You can find it here.
I hope you’ll appreciate this home decor and find useful decoration pieces!

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