Pink is not only for girls!

I finally made my hand on a beautiful pink home decor and it’s not looking like a girly decoration even if the pink makes it a bit feminine. When I take a look at this home decor I see myself next to the cat, relaxing with a good tea and a good book or an episode of empire :D.
This is definitely the kind of decor that could match with my adulthood taste with a feminine touch.

I saw beautiful decorative stuff on Maison du Monde these last days (like everytime I should say) and I think both of these clocks could be nicely matching this type of decor if you want to recreate the same style :

Clock from Maison du Monde: Pink, stylish and simple with the scandinavian stye, here.

If you want to go for the exact same style you can pick this one from Maison du Monde too, here.

The pink couch is also bringing a lot of style to the decor, if not making it all. I find a nice and very similar version of this couch on Kavehome, here.

Of course you can add many decorative elements to bring this cosy atmosphere to your house like a light suspension, a wall frame or a cactus/green plant.

Beautiful Iron Coper suspension from Maison du Monde, here

For the exact same style you can find this Copper suspension for a cheaper price here at Maison du Monde.

For a table decoration you can add this perfect wall frame from Maison du Monde, here :
And of course a touch of green with Ikea plants, here
I hope you’ll appreciate this selection!

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