Give me an F!

An F like FLOWER!

Yes I found this beautiful picture on pinterest last day (yes you know this website that I’m addicted to? are you too?) and I could not keep so much beauty for myself.
To be honest I never bhought flowers online! Never! Even if I buy everything online (from my makeup, to my clothes, my food etc) I always feel like going to a florist is the best thing to do if you want to choose your own flowers (online too I know) and have this fresh flower smell around you (yet not possible online ahh ahh! i got you!). I think going to a florist for me is still a real experience since I do not get flowers for myself that oftenly but I go to the florist for special and (thank god) happy events! So in my family I’m always the one who’s in charge of getting this bride bouquet (I did for my sisters in law 😉 ), or a nice bouquet for a sick person etc. Anyway here are the flowers of the day! I hope you enjoy 😉

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