Exoctic chic

THIS! Can you see this home decor? I’m in love with EVERY elements.

I think that the decoration is really bringing an athmosphere and of course a style. I would even say a state of mind. This spectacular and great decor is from a french hotel called COQ (Community of quality) Hotel (such a smart and ambitious name).

I you go on coqhotelparis.com you’ll see that the ergonomy and the design of the website are smartly thought and every information needed is there without too much text…I do not only appreciate home design but web design too and I’m very sensitive to ergonomy, web design etc I’m originally a « web specialist » (or I should say a search engine traffic manager).

But anyway, it’s good to find a beautiful hotel like this who’s able to bring a full package: nice website, nice rooms, nice food from what I saw! I think I need to test this hotel and find an excuse to go to Paris (it should not be hard hihi). Considering the price I’m a bit surprised for 2 personn one night is starting at 95€…not so expensive finally!

Do you like this home decor too?

If you want to recreate this kind of exotic/green decor at home or for your office I find few pieces that could be useful!
One main element of this decor is the gorgeous table with blue marble from Royaldesign.fr (here) :

 And of course the simple scandinavian table that you can find here:

You will have to add a LOT of green in your living room or room in order to get this very chic, relaxed exotic style:

These plants are from Bakker.com where you can find many options to decorate your house with plants (here, here and here).

Yellow pillows from Amazon are also neede for this home decor :

You can find them here and here.
A litlle bit of simple home decor can be added like this terrestrial globe, here:
I hope that you appreciate my selection, that it can be helpful for your decoration or that it can inspire you for anything!

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