Blue and Yellow?

To be honest, I had a little problem with this home decoration… I did not know what was wrong until someone on instagram told me that the mirrors were not well chosen and should be removed….And I completely agree! I also think that green is missing even if there’s a cactus on the left and on the table.
I love how the yellow is nicely reminded with only 2 pillows and I like the fact that the blue is not too much present in order not to make it too much. The white wall is also bringing light and clarity .
This style is showing that with a new painting color on 2 doors and pillows you can already change the ambiance of a living room. Also a carpet can help to make a huge difference.

Here is my selection if you want to refresh your home design:

A beautiful Scandinavian sofa from Maison du Monde, here.

If you want a cheaper and convertible sofa from Amazon, here.

Feel free to add blue pillows to remind the color of the carpet, you can find these pillows here and here.
Also for the carpet, many options are possible but I think that this carpet is the less expensive (you can find it here) and the best looking comparing to this similar version here.

For the yellow touch you can add 2-3 simple pillows like these (here and here), and different decoration like an ananas (here) or a candle light (here).


I hope you’ll enjoy!

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